• Residential

    Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Residential Window Tinting Denver, CO
    Home Window Tinting can reject up to 81% of incoming heat from the sun.
  • Commercial

    Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Commercial Window Tinting Denver, CO
    Offices can have certain areas which are uncomfortable due to excess sun heat.
  • Decorative

    Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Decorative Film Dealer Denver, CO
    Decorative film is used primarily for privacy or to enhance the look of glass. Click here to see more!
  • Safety & Security

    Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Security Window Film Denver, CO
    Safety and security window films are designed to perform under adverse conditions.
  • Anti-Graffiti

    Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Anti-Graffiti Window Film Denver, CO
    Protect your surfaces against most scratches, acid etching gouges and tagging.
  • Automotive

    Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Automotive Window Tinting Denver, CO
    Automotive tinting adds a nice look to your vehicle, but adds value beyond looks.


Lifetime warranty standard with residential tinting • 12 year warranty on all commercial applications.

Residental, Home, House, Commercial & Office Window Tinting In Denver, CO

  • Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch is a full-service window tinting company for your residential or commercial automobile or property.

    If you are looking for a "commercial window tint near me" company, you have come to the right place!

    Window tinting stops 99 percent of all ultra-violet (UV) rays and rejects up to 81 percent of the sun’s heat.

    Tinted windows protect your valuables and can save you thousands of dollars by protecting furniture, floors, drapes and artwork from fading. Tinted windows can also reduce your energy costs, solar heat gain, glare and provide safety and security from broken glass and vandalism by being an anti-graffiti film for windows and storefronts.

    Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch can custom fit your film to any window in any color and shade. We are licensed, certified and insured, and all our work is warranted. Lifetime warrantees are standard with Residential tinting, and a 12 year warranty is on all commercial window tinting.


Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Residental, Home, House, Commercial & Office Window Tinting In Denver, CO

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Complete customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We want to make sure that the correct product is chosen for your particular needs. Needs are different for every customer. Some want privacy and heat control, whereas others may want to retain their beautiful view, have UV protection and heat reduction. There are different levels of product for all of these needs. Correct product choice is foremost before a single piece of tinting material is applied.

  • Home Window Tinting

    Homes need to be protected from the ravages of UV and heat deterioration on certain interior surfaces. UV and heat can fade wood, flooring and valuable fabrics. UV protection is probably the most important protection to have. All window tinting provides 99% of this protection. Heat protection is provided in varying levels, according to the particular film product chosen. Glare can also be an annoying factor in your home, which can be reduced significantly.

    Read more about Home Window Tinting
  • Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Residential Window Tinting Denver, CO
  • Commercial and Office Window Tinting
  • Commercial and Office Window Tinting - Commercial Building Tinting Denver, CO

    Most commercial structures are built to be ascetically appealing from outside and in. Unfortunately, that same level of planning usually does not go into having all of the windows in perfect balance with incoming sunlight from outside, some just having too much heat and glare coming through. Heat and glare reduction on some of these windows can be key factors in the complete utilization of the entire office space, also contributing to lowering HVAC costs.

    Certain windows, left un-tinted, can create an uncomfortable or downright unusable work environment where areas of intense sunlight exist. Tinting of these windows can equalize the uncomfortable areas, creating a much more productive overall space in which to work.

    READ MORE about Commercial and Office Window Tinting
  • Safety and Security Window Films

    A child running around the house, or an adult losing their balance and falling into a window could lead to a medical emergency. Bandits breaking into your business through easy break windows can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in inventory loss and repair bills. Safety and Security films come in varying levels of protection. Your home could become safer with a basic level of protection. And they also offer the same level of UV protection as regular window tinting films. Safety and Security films also come in limited standard tint shades. Your business windows probably would require a more aggressive film to remain safe. Call today for a free on site evaluation and consultation.

    READ MORE about Safety and Security Window Films
  • Safety and Security Tinting
  • Anti-Graffiti Window Tinting
  • Anti-Graffiti Window Films

    They think it looks good, but those pesky graffiti “artists” leave your windows looking less than pretty. Often times, expensive whole glass panel replacement is the only way to get rid of the damage done.

    Anti-Graffiti film offers a lower cost solution to these vandalism acts. The film can simply be removed and replaced, and in most case, the original glass is as good as new.

    READ MORE about Anti-Graffiti Window Films
  • Decorative Films - White Frost Window Tint

    We order our decorative products from Solyx Decorative Film Products. There are hundreds of colors, patterns and frost level combinations to choose from. Tint Crafters of Highland Ranch offers this as a turnkey service. The customer can choose the film they like and have samples sent to make sure the right choice was made. The product is then ordered, installed and you have the exact look for your windows that you had in mind.

    READ MORE about Decorative Films
  • Decorative Films
  • Automotive Window Tinting
  • Automotive Window Tinting

    We offer a mobile service only for automotive tinting. A garage or carport is needed from the customer to be out of the natural elements. Also weather can be a factor for scheduling. We use a ceramic film product for your car from ASWF Window Films. All films carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Pricing for mobile service automotive tinting is a bit more expensive versus having your car tinted at a regular window tinting shop.

    READ MORE about Automotive Window Tinting

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