Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Anti-Graffiti Window Tinting in Denver, CO


Anti-Graffiti Window Films & Tinting

Owning or leasing a business storefront in a busy population area can be quite profitable. Coming to work and finding your windows scratched or tagged by not so nice people can be frustrating and costly. People don't want to shop at stores with large scratches or hate full messages on the windows. Property owners often hold the lessor responsible for the cost of the damaged window.

Exterior Anti-graffiti window tinting film is applied on the outside of the glass. If vandals do decide to turn one or all of your windows into their own "work of art", the anti-graffiti film product can simply be removed and replaced with new film. This could save on the cost of a complete glass replacement.

Call today to get an estimate on the anti-graffiti film and compare it to the cost of complete window replacement.

Tinted windows protect your valuables and can save you thousands of dollars by protecting furniture, floors, drapes and artwork from fading.


Lifetime warranty standard with residential tinting
12 year warranty on all commercial applications.