Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Commercial and Office Window Tinting in Denver, CO

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Commercial Window Tinting, Offices, Buildings, & Storefront.

We offer professional services for office, building, store front and restaurant commercial window tinting. Help to make employees and bosses more comfortable when that sun is pouring in through the windows. Creating a cooler space with less glare in an office or conference area makes everyone less stressed out and ready to do more business.

Computer glare from the sun can be greatly reduced with window tinting, without the need to close off the view of outside with heavy window coverings. Why shut out the view in any work space because of excess heat and glare? Enjoy the view without the discomfort from the sun.

We also offer Decorative window films, including white frost window tinting, which can add privacy to glass.

Anti-graffiti film can keep exterior glass, such as busy public sidewalk area windows from being etched or scratched by vandals. Safety film can be installed which reduces the chances of criminals breaking into your business and stealing your profits.

Storefront window tinting, by greatly reducing fading, can keep display items looking good for a much longer time. This also protect the flooring and wall items that may be part of your display to the public. Restaurant window tinting can help save certain tables where customers refuse to sit at during certain hours of the day. Diners can enjoy their meal and the view, while sitting in the sunlight.

Call today to see what can be done about controlling the heat and glare in your place of business.

Tinted windows protect your valuables and can save you thousands of dollars by protecting furniture, floors, drapes and artwork from fading.


Lifetime warranty standard with residential tinting
12 year warranty on all commercial applications.