Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Automotive Car Window Tinting in Denver, CO

Look Cool, be Cool, be Legal

Automotive tinting adds a nice look to your vehicle, but adds value beyond looks. It protects your car's interior from harmful UV rays, which will help your interior last far beyond that of an un-tinted vehicle.

It gives your the degree of privacy that you desire. It can also be a theft dererent. Criminals walking by your car in search of valuable objects to steal just might pass by your tinted car and find valuavles to steal in the next car that are far more obvious without tinted windows. (This in no way is a guarantee that your car cannor be vandalized having window tinting). It also helps keep you cool when that low angled sunlight is pouring in through your side windows. Children and pets also love it!

Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty: Johnson Window Films

Tinted windows protect your valuables and can save you thousands of dollars by protecting furniture, floors, drapes and artwork from fading.


Lifetime warranty standard with residential tinting
12 year warranty on all commercial applications.