Tint Crafters of Highlands Ranch - Decorative & Frost Window Tinting in Denver, CO

Decorative Window Tinting & Frost Films

Your glass can be turned int a large variety of different looks. Stained glass, like in churches can be achieved. Colored glass film can be applied for a variety of different hues and shades. Glass panels can be blacked out to create total privacy. Many different patterns from rain drop to tree leaf designs can be installed.

White frost window film, is by far, the most popular product sold. It lets in the light, while creating privacy between both sides of the glass panel. It can also be custom cut to create an artistic application of what you may have in mind. Use it for conference rooms, front entry door windows or bathroom windows, where ever you wish to create privacy combined with good looks.

Tinted windows protect your valuables and can save you thousands of dollars by protecting furniture, floors, drapes and artwork from fading.


Lifetime warranty standard with residential tinting
12 year warranty on all commercial applications.